1. Nicholas, thanks for the weekly technical outlook for your major pairs. I was trying to understand Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 closes using your link above, but the link keeps referring me the second bullet ( significant levels video). Please try to fix this.

  2. You talk alot of probability on your channel and how important it is, and i understand and conccur. One fun thought is that there is such a thing as the perfect trader with no experince, and its pretty much the same odds as winning the lotto as having a successfull trading carrier without any knowledge. Just a fun thought regarding probability. Great videos as always!

  3. Sometimes my chart doesn't indicate the level exactly the same as the video, I understand the reasons for the this. The problem lies in that when I try plot the significant levels using the same points that Nick used, due to the discrepancy, my significant level can be way off compared to Nicks, taking it into complete different trajectory!! Any thoughts?

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