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  14. Buddy i suggest not to rush into it. I have a friend who lost about 800 pounds,just coz she thought it was easy as watching others do it,without actually getting familiarized with all the ins and outs of the stock market and trading,and she basically gave up. This simply means you wanna research about the stock market,which market suits you. Which broker is reliable. Which would be offering the market you prefer. It's a lot more complicated than we see traders doing their trading and getting hundred and thousands in minutes. But if you do research and abit of self schooling,then practice on demo accounts on live markets,you should get the hang of it. It's fun. Just needs hard work in research to have it paid off.

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  16. Keep learning, not simply because u always win mostly every trades, then you think u own a perfect trading strategy.
    I personally think forex mostly is about money management.

    Dont be greed or you will die.
    You may gain $50 every trade, but u may also lose all gains on simply one trade.

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