1. Excellent video! Congratulations on your channel I find it very inspiring and informative. I just opened real account on TD Ameritrade and I’m using thinkorswim. I’m learning to trade options. With great results. Do you have any words on my choices? Thank you on advance!! And keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you.. Extremely useful and informative.
    REGULATIONS + check any broker at Forex Peace Army, its really amazing website and you can find plenty of information about almost any broker, here is the link:
    Guys, please go there, register and write down you experience with your broker, that way we all can be more aware with the scam brokers, as well as the good ones.

  3. You mentioned that you lost 10k due to a brokers silly games. U mind telling what broker that was so that we could be aware as a community and no one else would be scammed. Its up to u if u want to tell. Thank u for ur time.


  4. How is Finpro Trading ? They seem to be unregulated but keep customer's money in segregated account, use FIX (https://www.fixtrading.org/), has 16 liquidity providers, can use ECN, provide low spreads and has low commission & provide almost all conditions that a trader looks for except that they are unregulated. Has anyone traded big money (over USD 50,000) and how was your experience with them ? I am currently using FOREX.com in USA and is going well but no hedging, FIFO and 50:1 is limiting me big time.

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