1. Binary options works with the mind, It takes a clear soul to trade, the simple truth about trading is that it works with your daily life and passion to trade. Theoretically, money is slave to ideas. With the right strategy, be rest assured to be successful as a trader..

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  3. Ive been trading for the past 10yrs …… top tip sell yourself forward testing i.e show us how you predict your entry set up.. stop showing us what already happened, Bloomberg job interview maybe?!

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  4. Dont do this, if you dont have enough backup money.

    Long term is only profitable for people, who have enough money.
    The lower lows on the chart could have easily kicked many people out, who didnt have enough money on their account

  5. i have been trading for quite some time,seen thousands of demo vids on here, it was a little bit boring and i lost so much. i nearly lost hope in trading till i came across Mr Andrey"s posts, i contacted him & that was a turning point in my life. with his strategies i earn fairly enough to care for my aged mama and only sister.

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