1. thank you Robot House of Forex for sharing your insight, forex is not a get rich quick systems its hard work and you need to put in the time and effort to educate yourself before taking the plunge. I haven't yet started trading forex as i would like to understand it further before, keep up the good work with your videos.

  2. The problem(s) with a EA is it only trades one pair, usually at 1 time frame, has no clue about economic news and the owner of the EA is not awake when it is running.

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  4. I certainly agree with you have written – definately more difficult than it sounds to profit from Trading and someone can be likely to lose money.
    Be cautious and take advice from other people who can prove they have made money. I searched round a few sites and found plenty of expert advice by searching google on websites such as Easy exchange blueprint. I wish you luck and hope you profit soon!

  5. Nice Video!
    In order to compete with institutional bank and hedge fund traders,
    you need to have your own power tools like complex algorithms and
    advanced components that include Adaptive Harmonics,
    Statistical Spectral Analysis, and Digital Filtration Analysis!

  6. I am a nigerian and I have been hearing alot about forex trading……
    I do not know how to start it neither do I know how much capital is involved in kicking off …..please I need a tutorial

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